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What is included in the Free Trial? Everything!
Includes our Bad Review Blocker.

You will only be billed at the end of your free trial unless you cancel.
You can easily cancel at any time. No Long-Term Contract.

Free Trial

Professional/FREE TRIAL

$ 97 /month
Cancel Anytime, No Contracts
Free Setup & Customization*
  • Complete review management solution
  • 1 location/service provider account
  • FREE linking to social media profiles*
  • Your own GO.REVIEW/me** address
  • Bad Review Blocker with Customizable Funnel
  • Unlimited Email Campaigns included
  • 500 SMS Text Review Requests/month***
  • Automated Mass Review Requests
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • Distribution of Reviews to Facebook & Twitter
  • Landing pages, widgets, forms and reports
  • Dashboard Analytics Access
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Free Email Support

Optional Add-Ons

The following optional add ons are available to add to your account:

*You can easily build review website profiles yourself. Prices quoted below apply only if you have us build them for you.
  • Additional locations ($47/month)
  • Additional 500 SMS texts ($25/month)
  • Build review site profile** ($97 one time)
  • Custom business cards with your review link (starting $47)
  • Decals with your review link (starting $47)
  • Looking for help with something else? Ask us!


Do you have a company with 10 or more locations or individual service providers?
Call us for details on our Enterprise Plan that will be customized for your organization.
  • Minimum 10 locations or service providers

*Most customizations such as linking your profile on review websites such as Facebook, Google, etc. can easily be done by yourself. If you would rather sit back and have us do all the customizations for you, we can do this for a fee as listed in the optional add-ons above.

**Your custom link to the review funnel system would be in the form of “” or “”

Optionally, if your company website is at “”, your link to the review funnel could also be “”. Additional server modification is required, which may be performed by yourself if you are comfortable with it. Otherwise, we can do this for you for a fee.

***Additional packages of 500 SMS texts/month can be purchased as addons at $25/month.

Why Pay 3x More for the Same or Less Features?

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